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How to Have a Pleasant Picnic When It’s Humid

Image by Odan Jaeger
Image by Odan Jaeger

All your picnic gear sitting by the door. You’ve packed the remaining picnic jars into your basket. You check the thermometer and it says a nice 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but when you open the door and step outside, it feels like you just put on a soaking wet Snuggie that someone put in the microwave.

Even though the temperature may be amenable, humidity is the ultimate nuisance. New York City has been generally pleasant these past fews days, except for the humidity hovering around 68%. That’s nothing compared to some of the percentages found in places like New Orleans.

Still, high humidity shouldn’t deter you from your picnic, especially if you’ve planned a special picnic months in advance. Here are some ways you can still have a pleasant picnic on a humid day.

Pick a strategic picnic spot in the shade and in the path of a breeze

It’s common sense to set up your picnic in the shade on a hot day, but when it’s humid, it’s equally important to look for a place that’s not sheltered from potential breezes. A breeze on a humid day is like water during a drought; it may be difficult to find but it will cure what ails you. Shade is great, but it doesn’t allow you to escape the humidity, which is why the breeze is so coveted. Take a moment to walk around or determine where the wind travels and set up the picnic there.

Wear light, flowing clothing

When it’s humid, clothes stuck to you like white on rice. Thick, heavy clothing that rests against your skin makes it almost unbearable to be outside. Light cotton and silk clothing will give your skin room to breathe.

Avoid picnics during the hottest parts of the day

Similar to how you wouldn’t go picnicking at high noon on a day when the temperatures are soaring above 100, you shouldn’t go picnicking during the hottest parts of the day when it’s humid. The best time to go picnicking is the late morning or early evening.

Water is the key to success

Water is your friend. On a humid day, you should keep yourself hydrated with tons of a water. A nice cooler will keep your water cold throughout the day, and that feeling of icy water going down your throat will be amazing.

Pack cool foods

Finally, the last thing you want to eat on a hot day is a hot sandwich, which is why you should think cool. Recipes like cucumber sandwiches, along with ice cold fruit salads will help you forget about the heaviness in the air. You can find more picnic recipes for hot days on our Pinterest board for cool foods.

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