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If you're looking to spice up a picnic outing, the beach is a great place to go. Here are some ideas for a relaxing beach picnic.

If you’re looking to spice up your picnic outings, the beach is a great place to go. The sand, the sound of waves and the smell of fresh ocean air can be both relaxing and inspiring when you’re sprawled out in the sun with a nice meal. Here are a few tips for having a relaxing picnic at the beach.

Finding the right spot

Your first inclination might be to toss open the picnic basket anywhere on the beach and start eating. However, depending on the beach, the weather and your personal preference, there are several things to take into consideration. One of the important factors to consider is the view. Find a spot that enables you to see the ocean, but is far enough so the waves or rising tide do not interfere with your picnic. If the beach is especially busy, finding a more secluded spot can significantly enhance the experience. Try venturing up and down the beach to locate more private areas. Beaches are also typically windy, which causes sand to blow into your food at times. Avoid this inconvenience by finding a spot next to cliffs or boulders that act as shields.

What to bring

Aside from the typical things you should bring on a picnic, beach picnics require a few additional items. Applying a layer of sunscreen lotion or taking a beach umbrella can provide protection from potentially damaging UV rays. Other items you should remember to take are towels, sandals and a change of clothes.

Delicious beach picnic foods

While there is really no limit to the types of meals you can take on a picnic, certain foods are simply better suited for the beach. Oftentimes, sand tends to blow onto food so selecting items that can be easily packaged and shielded from the sand is ideal. For example, sandwiches are fantastic for the beach because they fit easily into containers and can be eaten straight out of plastic bags. Try to avoid foods in which particles can get stuck, such as potato salad and cheese dip.

Beach picnic activities

Swimming is the number one activity to do at the beach, and taking along boogie boards, snorkel gear and surf boards can make the experience even more exciting. Likewise, for children who do not want to venture out into the water, shovels and pails can keep them entertained for hours constructing intricate sand castles. Finally, to wind down, nothing beats lounging out in the sun, listening to the waves and relaxing.

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