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Keep the chill at bay with these great winter tailgating tips and product recommendations from Picnic World!

winter tailgating
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Whether you’re trailing the Winnipeg Jets or the New York Jets, you know that you’ll be in for some chilly chili cookouts in the near future. Traditionally, only the most hardcore sports fans dare to tailgate in the freezing cold, and the act is often seen as a demonstration of serious devotion to a team.

At the same time, winter tailgating isn’t supposed to be like a prison sentence in Siberia: there are lots of easy ways to keep warm and fill your belly as you wait for the big game to begin. If you do it right, a wintertime tailgating party can be a really great experience, with bonding moments and good food that you’ll never forget.

We have a lot of customers who use our products for exactly this kind of event. The following are essential tips and tricks that we and our hardy customers have thought up to make harsh winter games a lot more fun to follow.

winter tailgating

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1. As always, PREPARE! In the winter, this is especially important since you really don’t want to get stuck in the parking lot without adequate winter gear and supplies. That, dear friend, would be the epitome of being stuck up a creek without a paddle. The easiest way to get things together would be to have a tailgating set that comes with everything all ready to go.

2. Along the same lines, be sure to bring a truck tent or canopy tent to block bone-chilling winds and slush. Of course, we have tents that are made with your sports team’s logo and colors so you can show your support from the parking lot!

3. One thing you’ll quickly realize is that a grillside spot is prime real estate during a winter tailgating party. Bring plenty of fuel (you’ll need extra in cold weather) and tasty vittles so you can keep the fire going strong.

4. And while we’re at it, remember to keep the food simple. The dead of winter, when everyone is bundled up and wearing bulky mittens, is not the time for cucumber sandwiches or cold dips. You can use insulated coolers to keep burritos, hot dips and pasta piping hot. You can also store hot soups and chilis in Thermoses that come personal- and jumbo-sized.

5. You should also pack Thermos-friendly drinks that are heavier on hard liquor, which gets you warmer faster. An ice-cold beer isn’t really going to work in subzero temperatures; why not a round of Hot Toddies or mulled wine? For some non-alcoholic warmth, bring along some hot cocoa or coffee.

6. Finally, bring along lots of people that you love! Nothing warms the soul faster than good company and tons of backslaps and hugs.

winter tailgating
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