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Picnic Information

Looking for picnic recipes or ideas? We have teamed up with a crew of picnic aficionados to bring you a comprehensive resource about picnicking. If you would like to contribute to our list of picnic articles, please contact us. We’d love to have your input!

Picnic Basics

Picnic Activities

  • Surprise Romantic Picnic Tips & Ideas – When love is in the air, you’ll really want to make sure that everything is pitch-perfect. Follow these tips for a foolproof romantic picnic.
  • The Indoor Picnic – If a busy schedule or bad weather is preventing you from relaxing outdoors, an indoor picnic is a great alternative. Here are some ideas for a fun indoor picnic.
  • The Beach Picnic – If you're looking to spice up a picnic outing, the beach is a great place to go. Here are some ideas for a relaxing beach picnic.
  • Planning a Winter Picnic – Winter picnics can be a fun, unique and memorable experience. Here are a few tips on how to have a stellar winter picnic.
  • Picnic Games for Adults – Picnic games are a great source of entertainment for adults as well as kids. Here are a few picnic games that are ideal for older participants.
  • Picnic Games for Kids – Picnic games are a great source of entertainment for kids. Here are a few picnic games that your kids will enjoy.
  • Creative Picnic Ideas – Picnic ideas for your next picnic
  • Unusual Picnic Games – The most successful picnic game is creative and unusual, because fun picnics should be also. Try out these picnic games next time you pack your picnic basket and it will be a picnic that you never forget!
  • Company Picnic Games – Company picnics are a chance to get out of the suit and the heels and enjoy life for a while. Often times, the best company picnic games are those that let us be children again.

Picnic Planning

  • Six Winter Tailgating Tips – Keep the chill at bay with these great winter tailgating tips and product recommendations from Picnic World!
  • Unique Picnic Spots – Find unusual picnic location ideas and inspiration with our list of exotic locales.
  • Minimizing Your Picnic Garbage – Keep your picnics environmentally friendly by reading our tried-and-true guide to minimizing garbage while you're on the go!
  • The Best Picnic Spots in America – America is full of gorgeous picnic spots from coast to coast. Here are five dazzling places to unravel a blanket and enjoy an outdoor feast.
  • Finding the Right Picnic Set For You – There are a variety of picnic sets available to buy. If you're trying to decide which one is best for you, here are some questions to ask yourself.
  • Making the Perfect Picnic Set – If you're looking to organize your own picnic set, there are few things you need to know. Here are some tips that will ensure you make the perfect picnic set.
  • Picking the Right Picnic Set – Looking for a picnic set to take on your next picnic outing? Here are a few of the different kinds of picnic sets available.
  • Romantic Picnic Ideas – Planning a romantic picnic isn't hard, but if you really want to woo your fellow picnicker, a little planning makes all the difference in the world. Here are some tips to make you romantic picnic a success.
  • Tailgating: A Picnic with a Purpose – Does a tailgate qualify as a picnic? It certainly does in our book. Here are a few tailgating essentials that you should consider when planning your next tailgate.
  • The Company Picnic – Need to plan an event for your company to show employees you care about them? Why not plan a company picnic.

Picnic Food

  • Quick & Easy Picnic Recipes – Great ideas for fast and fun recipes that you can take on the road.
  • Picnic Foods for a Day Hike – Packing food to eat after a multi-mile day hike doesn't have to be a worrisome problem. Try these easy to make foods that won't spoil or spill in your picnic backpack while you hike.
  • How To Keep Bugs Away From Your Picnic – Nothing hampers picnic fun like undesired pests. Here's some info on keeping bees, ants, mosquitoes, gnats and other nuisances away.
  • Delicious Vegetarian Picnic Foods – There are a variety of mouthwatering vegetarian picnic foods for you to take along on your next picnic outing. Here are a couple of sensational foods ideal for vegetarians looking for an appetizing and relaxing picnic.
  • Picnic Dessert Recipes – Nothing tops a delicious picnic like a tasty dessert. Check out some great picnic desert recipes.
  • Vegetarian Picnic Food – Finding vegetarian picnic food is important in order to accommodate everyone at your picnic. Here are a few ideas and recipes for delicious vegetarian picnic options.
  • Easy Picnic Food On The Go – Making picnic food doesn't have to be tough. In fact, you don't have to make it at all. Here are a few picnic food items you can pick up on the go.
  • Summer Picnic Recipes – Don't know what picnic food to bring on your next summer picnic? Here are a few picnic recipes that will make your summer picnic stellar.
  • Standard Picnic Foods – Not sure what to eat on your picnic? Here are a few suggestions for picnic fare.
  • Picnic Food Safety Tips – When summer is in full swing, a top activity is picnicking and entertaining outdoors. For peace of mind, remember these food safety guidelines.
  • Picnic Recipe Ideas – Try these great picnic recipe ideas on your next picnic outing. They will be sure to liven up the picnic experience!
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