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Corporate Gifts – Why Picnic Basket Sets Make the Best Client Gifts

Finding the right Business Gift can be difficult, this guide will explain why Picnic Basket Sets are the perfect item for any type of client.

By Karen Rutherford

Corporate gifts can be hard to get right because it really depends on your client profile and the industry you work in. Many turn to picnic basket sets as the perfect alternative because they combine a reusable and memorable item with delicious food that everyone can appreciate.

Picnic Basket Set for 4

Picnic Baskets: The Best Idea for Corporate Gifts

While business gifting has long been food basket related, your client eats the food and throws away the basket! A picnic basket set is great because the basket can be reused and kept for years to come.

They are especially suitable as gifts for real estate agents or hotels. Picnic Baskets are a unique client gift idea for Luxury and Boutique Hotels, Upscale Condo Developers, High-End Realtors, and Airbnb Plus owners.

As Realtor gifts, they show how special that client and their search for the perfect property is for you. They are great to send out when your client’s offer has been accepted or you want to lift up their spirits.

For Boutique and Luxury Hoteliers, they can be the best idea for your guests to spend an amazing day out in nature. You can use them as a great add on to your AirBnb‘s stay. You could also include some locally produced items, as well as some inspiration as to where to enjoy all the goodies. Maybe a guide with your favorite nature spot would be great!

Picnic baskets are also very beautiful as a display when you are first entering a hotel room. This can encourage your guests to take a picture of them and upload it to social media. This is great publicity!

They are versatile, as you can include different items that are area-specific or talk about you as a company. They are also great as they can be purchased in different sizes, depending on if it is a client gift for a big or small family.

If you are looking for a small gift that is suited for a couple or just one person, you should check some Picnic Basket Sets for 2. If you are looking for a picnic set for a bigger family, check out some Picnic Basket Sets for 4. You can also find a wider selection of corporate gifts here.

Perfect Picnic Dessert for a Perfect Picnic Basket

For a picnic basket, you are making yourself or as a gift, adding a homemade dessert can set you apart. But not every recipe is great to take into a picnic. You should choose one that can be eaten with just your hands and a napkin. If you need a plate and fork, then it is probably too much of a hassle.

Picnic Dessert

I love to take brownies to picnics. Although I do like my brownies a la modé (that means with ice cream and whipped cream), covering them with some frosting also does the trick. I recommend our own recipe for mint frosting that you can find here.

What do you think? Would you buy a picnic basket for your next corporate gift? Contact us at customerservice@edgehillproducts.com, or call 914-417-9132 for a custom quote.


Karen Rutherford

Karen Rutherford is founder and editor in chief at Cakedecorist. You will often find her in the kitchen creating edible works of art or trying out some new recipes. As a pâtissière and baking enthusiast, Karen has decided to share her abundant knowledge with the internet audience and provide only the best tips and recipes for baking and decorating your favorite sweets.

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