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Boudin-Stuffed Meatloaf

Before I went to college, I rarely ate fast food. I could count on one hand the amount of times I’d been to Burger King (I still can, actually). If McDonald’s didn’t have Monopoly or Hardee’s didn’t have to-die-for, amazing breakfast biscuits, they, too, would both fall into this category of “scarcely consumed.” When we […]

Pappardelle with Veal Ragu

If I didn’t have to eat, I would probably hibernate like a bear in the winter. But somewhere beneath my utter dislike of cold weather, a happy little girl is bundled in five layers of jackets, scarves, and hats trying to raise her puffy-jacketed arms to gleefully shout, “now’s the time to eat comfort food!” […]

Bison Burgers with Smoky Red Pepper Sauce

Disclaimer: Everything I’m about to say is an accidental admittance of my finicky personality. Every summer, usually around mid-July, I stare at my car’s thermometer slowly climbing above 110° while the leather of my car seat is melting onto my legs, and I think, “this isn’t so bad. This summer has definitely been cooler than […]

Turkey Pot Pie

I do love to cook, but sometimes the stove just is not going to be turned on. Maybe it’s the fact that my recent discovery of Desperate Housewives leaves me couchridden on many weekday nights. Maybe it’s a long day of work or maybe those grad school essays have melted my brain for the night. […]

Beer Braised Beef

I took the GRE last week, and if there’s anything worse than spending a beautiful fall day wearing noise-canceling headphones and finding the area of a triangle, it’s doing all this without lunch. When I skip a meal, I sink into low blood sugar-induced hysterics. Imagine giggling and blank stares. Since the test started at […]

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