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Featured: Picnic Plus Dilworth Basket

Open up your picnics to a whole new world with the Picnic Plus Dilworth Basket.

This handcrafted willow basket includes all the accessories needed to accommodate a fun picnic for four. It has a set of ceramic plates, stainless steel utensils, wine glasses, matching cotton napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and a combination corkscrew.

On top of that, this unique picnic basket features two separate compartments with slots for every accessory. If you’re transporting perishables, the basket also comes with a removable thermal foil insulated cooler that fits perfectly into the side section.

This basket is ready for more than food though. Open compartments beneath the sturdy handle can house three full bottles of wine.

So the next time you venture to an outdoor concert or family picnic, make sure to bring along the Dilworth picnic basket.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this featured product, head over to the Picnic Plus Dilworth Basket product page.

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