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Featured: Picnic Plus Cake ‘n Carry

Bring your desserts to your next picnic or family gathering in style with this week’s featured product: the Picnic Plus Cake ‘n Carry.

Cake is one of the hardest food items to transport without ruining because it can be crushed, smeared, or melted. Fortunately, the Cake ‘n Carry’s hard walls stop it from getting smashed while the thermal foil insulated lining keeps it at the perfect temperature.

This stylish carrier is for more than just cakes though.

The round carrier can also be used for pies, cupcakes, tortes and non-desserts like casseroles, quiche, and dips. The possibilities are endless.

This particular version of the Cake ‘n Carry features a Red Carnation design, but it also comes in many other patterns, including Cocoa Cosmos (right), Green Paisley, and more.

The tin foil lining inside is a cinch to clean while the 600D polyester exterior means the carrier will last a long time.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this featured product, head over to the Picnic Plus Cake ‘n Carry product page.

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