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BCS Championship food

I am from Alabama. I’ve never been able to say I was born in Alabama because I was born during my parents’ three years in NYC. My grandmother tried her hardest to get my pregnant mother back below the Mason-Dixon line before I was born but she lost that battle. I was born during what my parents say was the hottest summer on record in New York, and I like to think of that as a birth into a faux Southern summer. So besides the insignificant fact of the issuing state of birth certificate, I am an Alabama girl.

Which means I grew up on football. In my family, that was Alabama football. I knew we would be playing in the National Championship this year. There was just a good feeling about season. We were going to make it to the ‘ship.

Since it became official though, I’ve just been annoyed. I’m here in New Orleans, so the radio has been filled with constant pro-LSU, anti-Bama chitchat. Not being able to talk back is, well, beyond frustrating to my Saban-loving self. But tonight is the night, New Orleans is more packed than during Mardi Gras, and there has been a beautiful tide of houndstooth and crimson rolling through the city. From Bourbon Street to the Riverbend, fans are out.

Of course, I had to make food for the game. I should be nice and say that I made LSU-themed food, too, just because I’m going to a mixed team party. But that’s a lie. I really just wanted to make these brie bites with berry jam. The color scheme worked out. And a little roasted red pepper-goat cheese dip rounds shows off the Alabama spirit nicely.

Roasted Red Pepper-Goat Cheese Dip
For the Bama fans

6 oz. goat cheese
½ cup roasted red pepper, chopped
4 tbs greek yogurt
Mix ingredients together in food processor and serve with crackers.

Brie Bites with Purple Jelly
Adapted from Joy the Baker

½ wheel Brie
2 sheets puff pastry, thawed but cold
1 large egg, beaten
splash of milk

I couldn’t find puff pastry sheets at my store (strange, I know) so I ended up using dumpling sheets. Puff pastry definitely would’ve worked better and I recommend looking for them. Joy the Baker has great instructions on how to cut the pastry if you use them. Otherwise, cut pastry into squares, about 1 inch tall and 2 inches wide. Stir milk into the beaten egg and brush half of squares with egg-milk combination.

Cut Brie into small squares and lie on top of the pastry that has been brushed with egg. If you want a popsicle stick or skewer to go inside, lie it on the brie. Put another square on top of the Brie and pinch down. Crimp with fork and transfer to a lined baking sheet. Bake on 375 for 12 minutes.

For jelly, combine 4 quarts mixed red and blue berries in a food processor. Transfer to a saucepan and add ½ cup sugar and juice of a lemon. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, and let boil for 10 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and serve as dipping sauce.

Picnic tip: Alabama and LSU fans should carry their food to their tailgating locale with gear in their team colors!


  1. I have to say, I’m Louisiana thru and thru and therefore an LSU fan. But your team whipped the pants off of us Monday night! Congrats on the crystal ball–y’all deserve it! 🙂

    These brie and jam bites are Gorgeous! I bet they were delicious too.
    We will have to team up for a tailgating link-up in the fall when we don our respective school colors again. 😉


  2. Thanks for the congrats, Shelley! I cannot express how proud I was of my boys!!

    A tailgate link-up would be fun next fall — I’ll have the next year to find a Crimson food that was just as yummy as the LSU themed apps.

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