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Adventure Awaits With the Turismo Backpack


When adventure calls, there’s only a few things you need by your side and the Picnic Time Turismo Backpack is one of them.

The Turismo is the ultimate companion for those late night strolls through Paris or hiking expeditions in the Rockies. Inside the stylish exterior is a highly versatile interior replete with concealed pockets and insulated compartments.

The inside not only has two insulated compartments but it also features a zippered interior pocket along with the concealed pocket for hiding important items.

On the exterior are non-slip straps, more pockets, and a large insulated water bottle with a cap and carrying strap. The reinforced base of the water bottle ensures it’s attached securely.

This iteration features a black exterior, but it also comes in Olive and Moka.

So whether you’re sightseeing abroad or picnicking at the beach, make sure you have the Turismo to keep your food cool and your valuables secure.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this featured product, head over to the Picnic Time Turismo Backpack product page.

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