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There are a variety of mouthwatering vegetarian picnic foods for you to take along on your next picnic outing. Here are a couple of sensational foods ideal for vegetarians looking for an appetizing and relaxing picnic.

For those planning a picnic with vegetarians in attendance, two items usually pop into mind: fruit slices and potato salad. While these two dishes and other typical picnic foods are perfectly acceptable to take on a picnic for vegetarians, there are a variety of other mouthwatering picnic foods to consider. Here are a couple delectable foods that are ideal for vegetarians.


A vegetarian picnic meal

There are countless combinations of vegetarian appetizers to take on picnics, but one of the easiest appetizers is the cheese platter. There are a lot of different types of cheese to choose from, such as goat cheese, Brie, Asiago, and fromage frais. It’s always wise to include varying textures, types and flavors of of cheese to provide attendees with maximum options. An assortment of crackers surrounding the cheese can add a whole other level of taste and variation to the appetizer.

Another easy vegetarian appetizer is party mix. Depending on the preferences of picnic attendees, you can put a whole range of food in the party mix, including peanuts, cashews, raisins, corn cereal, M&M candy, dried fruits and more. You can either make party mix yourself or buy prepackaged party mix from the store.

Side dishes and salads

Cole slaw is a quintessential side dish of the picnic and is also a scrumptious dish suitable for vegetarians. Cole slaw contains vegetarian-friendly ingredients like carrots, cabbage, green onions and herbs. Though it’s traditionally made with mayonnaise, there are other options to spice things up, such as herb dressing and tofu mayonnaise.

Yet another interesting dish appropriate for non-meat eaters makes use of grain. Couscous salad, though not a traditional picnic food, gives vegetarians a fresh option. All this meal requires is couscous, almonds, orange juice, feta cheese, beetroot, mint and olive oil.

Main foods

For those looking to fill up on foods other than salads, sandwiches can make a very satisfying meal. For example, one delicious vegetarian sandwich is the veggie sandwich. The contents of this sandwich depend on what the eater likes, but avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers and lettuce are just a few ingredients you could add.

Another great option to consider is fajita wraps. These dishes can be easily made with a variety of different ingredients, including those that are used in the veggie sandwich. Fajita wraps can also be served cold, making them ideal picnic foods.


It is not a picnic, unless there is a tasty dessert. Vegetarian desserts typically don’t differ too much from regular picnic desserts. Slices of watermelon make refreshing picnic snacks on warm days, but, if you’re looking for something more complex, banana bread is a flavorful alternative. Some of the ingredients for this dessert include brown sugar, oil, bananas, eggs, flour and more. .