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Nothing hampers picnic fun like undesired pests. Here's some info on keeping bees, ants, mosquitoes, gnats and other nuisances away.

There are many things that can go wrong during a picnic, but perhaps the most annoying disruption comes in the form of pests. Bugs are widely know as the archenemy of the perfect picnic. Whether its bees, ants, mosquitoes or gnats, all of these nuisances can be averted with these seven strategies.

Bug Repellent

If you’re looking for a quick way to prevent bugs from ruining your picnic, insect repellent is an easy solution. There are a variety of bug repellents, but ant and flying insect repellents are the most useful. For maximum effectiveness, remember to spray the repellent on 30 minutes before your picnic.

Avoid Areas Where There Are Many Bugs

Insects are ubiquitous creatures, though they tend to gather in mass at specific locations. For example, never set up your picnic blanket within 50 feet of a garbage can. Ants and other critters swarm around trash and often surround the garbage can. Also, many mosquitoes and gnats tend to congregate around puddles, stagnant water and ponds. Even though you might want to enjoy a nice picnic near a river during warm weather, it’s best to avoid the water.

Don’t Give Bugs An Opportunity

Bugs are opportunistic menaces that will take advantage any time you let your guard down. Do your best in not letting out delicious scents from picnic foods like watermelon, fruits and other sweet drinks. If you are bringing these types of strongly scented foods, make sure they’re sealed tightly in a container. Along these lines, you should always shield your food and drinks with domed covers or lids. This stops flies and other bugs from landing on your meal.

Be Conscious of Colors and Smells

Insects have surprising visual and olfactory perception. Bees and other bugs are very attracted to bold colors like red, orange and yellow even though they cannot actually see color. They are also drawn to patterns that resemble flowers, so it’s important not to go overboard with brightly patterned clothes, plates and accessories in your picnic basket. As with the smells of food, insects are also attracted to colognes and perfumes.

Stay Clean

Simply maintaining the cleanliness of your picnic site will prevent bugs from disturbing your outing. If you do spill something accidentally, wipe it up right away. If a piece of food falls on the ground, don’t just leave it there. Pick it up immediately and throw it in a trash can far from where you are eating.

Distract the Bugs

Insects will leave you alone, if you set up distractions for them. For example, filling up a pitcher of sugar water and placing it away from your picnic will help keep bugs less concerned with what you’re eating.

Place Barriers Around Your Picnic

Ants can be very persistent in trying to get to your food, but there are a couple ways to keep them from succeeding. If you’re eating on a picnic table, place all the legs in a saucer filled with water. Ants hate water so they will not be able to climb up. Similarly, if you’re on the ground, surround yourself with talcum power or chalk, because ants do not like climbing over it.