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Not sure what to bring on your picnic? Here are five items that every picnic needs to be successful.

Planning for a picnic seems easy. You grab some food, locate a nice outdoor spot to sit and chow down. But, there’s much more to a successful picnic than the food. Here’s a list of 5 you don’t want to forget.

Picnic Blanket

You’d be surprised at how often this picnic cornerstone is left behind. Forgetting the blanket doesn’t just rob you of a clean, comfy place to sit, it also brings your food in closer contact with the ground, making it accessible to insects. A good picnic blanket should be waterproof, warm and easily transportable. Need one? Check out our collection of picnic blankets.

Picnic Basket

Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s often the simplest things that are overlooked. A high-quality picnic basket will make carrying your meal to your picnic spot easier, in addition to keeping picnic supplies safe from wind, rain, and bugs. We have a large selection of picnic baskets, from classic wicker picnic baskets to rugged picnic backpacks.

Bug Repellent

If you took a poll of everyone who ever went on a picnic and asked them what the number one thing is that can ruin the experience, you’ll get two answers: rain or bugs. There’s not much you can do about the rain, but you can do plenty about the bugs. A can of bug repellent or a citronella candle is easy to carry and never goes unappreciated. In fact, consider keeping one in your basket at all times.


So you’ve eaten the cheese, the strawberries are long gone and all that’s left of those sandwiches is the crumbs on your shirt. Now you’ve got to wash it all down, but suddenly realize you forgot to bring a drink! Make sure this never happens. Whether its homemade lemonade, a romantic bottle of wine, or a plain old jug of water, you’ve got to bring a beverage if you want to have a happy picnic.

Need something to carry your beverages in? Check out our large collection of wheeled coolers.


It can be as simple as a Frisbee or football, but you need to bring something to entertain yourself when the food is all gone. If physical exercise doesn’t appeal to you, a board game like scrabble or Pictionary can be a great addition to any picnic. Bringing a deck of cards is also a good way to pass time relaxing in the great outdoors.