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All picnic spots aren't created equal and finding the right one can make or break your picnic experience

Nothing influences a picnic more than the spot. From beach-side barbecues to streamside feasts, locale is the most important variable of any picnic experience. Remember, all picnic spots aren’t created equal and finding the right one can make or break your picnic experience. Here are some tips to help you find a stellar picnic spot.

Who’s in your crew?

Are you picnicking solo? If so, you only have to think about your needs, but if you’re planning for a group, you’ll need to consider others as well. Picking a remote spot might sound tempting, but remember that bathroom facilities will be key if you’re traveling with children. Also, if you’re lugging a bunch of picnic gear, you might want to select a picnic spot you can drive to.

Urban or rural?

Are you seeking solitude or more enchanted by the urban mosaic of a big city? Campgrounds and wilderness trails are great spots if you’re looking to get away from the noise and commotion of urban life and enjoy a stellar view, but don’t overlook more city-central picnic spots, such as municipal parks or even the grounds of a state capitol.

Is water in the picture?

Lakes are not only incredibly scenic picnic spots, but they also provide swimming and fishing options. Both of these are great activities for before or after a picnic. If you’re a skilled fisherman, you might even be able to catch your main course!

A picnic with a view

Nothing enhances a picnic like a majestic view, which is why many picnickers choose to feast on top of a summit or hill. This is a great option if you’re in shape and adventurous, just make sure you have lightweight picnic equipment and a map of your route.

How popular is the spot?

Nothing irks some picnickers like sharing a spot with hundreds of other revelers. However, some families enjoy the bond of relaxing in an environment with others. If you think the spot you’re gunning for is pretty popular, do some research to find out the size of the crowd. If you want something more private, either find a different spot or plan your picnic for a weekday.

The weather and the elements

Preparing for the elements consists of more than just checking the forecast. If you’re picnicking in mountainous areas, you’ll need to be prepared for cold setting in and higher elevations. If you’re heading to low-lying ground, you’ll need to wear appropriate footwear in case you encounter standing water.

The bottom line

Finding a great picnic spot isn’t solving a mystery. If you simply identify what you’re looking for and do some research, your bound to find a picnic spot that’s perfect for you and your gang.